Aspen Grove

Audio/Visual Equipment

  Rental Rates
A/V attached to House Sound System $25.00
CD Player/Cassette Recorder $12.00
DVD or VCR $12.00
Chalkboard/Whiteboard $10.00
Computer (Laptop) $30.00
Data Projector $30.00
Easel $5.00
Projection Screen (6X6) $10.00
Large Projection Screen (8X8) $15.00
Karaoke $50.00
Laser Pointer* $10.00
Microphone (wireless) $10.00
Microphone (lavaliere) $20.00
Microphone and Stand (additional) $5.00
Microphone (table) $5.00
Notepad, Easel, and Marker $15.00
Sticky Notepad, Easel, and Marker $20.00
Overhead Projector $10.00
Photocopies $0.10 each
Linens (per table) $6.00
Slide Projector with Wired Remote $12.00
Hardline Internet Connection** $30.00
Wireless Internet Access $55.00
Technician $35.00 an hour
Telephone $10.00
TV/VCR 19" $20.00
Special Room Setup Varies
Wireless Remote $15.00

*An additional $50.00 fee will be charged if laser pointer is not returned.

**Configuration charges are an additional fee.

Additional fees may be assessed for large orders, damage, loss, or if order is placed less than 48 hours before the event.