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2014 Guest Comments

The lodging was great, very cozy and homey feeling. Everything was clean and in great condition. I was very impressed with the meals...the food was delicious!
Cedar 14th Ward, Spring 2014
The meals were on time and the food options were a hit with our youth. Things ran smoothly and everyone had a great experience. The reservation process and check-in was simple, and communication whether through email or in person was great.
Cedar Hills 10th Ward, Spring 2014
Our youth enjoyed this conference very much, and the leaders had so much time available to be with the youth--thank you.
Springcreek 8th Ward, Winter 2014
We found the lodge we stayed in, the conference room all to be beautiful, very clean and ready to be used! The meals were great, and the process of getting everyone served went smooth and swift! The staff was very helpful. Thank you!
Lehi 6th Ward, Winter 2014
We had an overall outstanding experience and would recommend it to anyone.
Manila 8th Ward, Winter 2014
The kids loved the skiing and other activities we planned for them. You have a beautiful set up for youth conferences, and we will plan to do one there again in the future.
Manila 9th Ward, Winter 2014

2013 Guest Comments

"The cabins were well maintained, comfortable, and rustic. The youth really liked them. The conference rooms had everything we needed for ward devotionals. The food was excellent...and the meal selections were healthy. Your personnel were excellent to work with. Because of them we all felt like we had joined a rich and famous country club! Our youth made memories that will last them a lifetime."
Glenmore 7th Ward, Spring 2013

"Everyone was very impressed with the youth conference experience at Aspen Grove. We could not be more pleased about how things turned out. Thank you."
Hidden Lake Ward, Spring 2013

"The staff was so helpful through the whole process. It was a wonderful youth conference. I love not having to worry about the food and cooking and just being able to focus on the spiritual side of youth conference."
Forest Park Ward, Winter 2013

"Everyone was so helpful! It made the planning process stress-free. I love all of the helpful email reminders and updates. We had our Youth Conference at Aspen Grove in 2012 and the youth had so much fun they requested to do it again. We had a blast."
West Jordan 66th Ward, Winter 2013

"I was really impressed with the food. [It] was high quality and it was [served] extremely efficiently."
Winter 2013

"Aspen Grove...provided a place for us all to be close together, learn, and grow without external distractions."
Cedar Hollow Stake, Winter 2013

"The orientation [meeting] was great! We were so impressed and are excited for our youth conference."
Bingham Creek Ward, Winter 2013

2012 Guest Comments

"[The] staff were fabulous!! Very helpful and accommodating. The youth really liked the Huish Center and the other recreational games you had available to them."
Riverton 11th Ward, Fall 2012

"The whole experience was beyond excellent...Everybody was friendly, helpful, accommodating, courteous, and results-oriented."
Provo Peak 7th Ward, Spring 2012

"What a blessing to free the leaders up to minister to our youth! This was an amazing youth conference...[that] will always be remembered. The spirit radiates throughout your facility."
Magna South Stake, Spring 2012

"I would highly recommend Aspen Grove to another youth group. It provided our youth with a balance of fun activities as well as space to provide learning and spiritual experiences."
West Jordan 66th Ward, Winter 2012

"I'd love to bring my family back to enjoy the setting and facilities...The young men said their favorite part was the all-you-can-eat buffets...As leaders, of course, we loved having the food and accommodations all taken care of for us. We definitely would love to come back!"
Lindon 12th Ward, Winter 2012

"Thanks for helping us make great memories and share an uplifting, testimony building experience with our youth."
Kenwood 1st Ward, Winter 2012

2011 Guest Comments

"Everything was fantastic. The facilities were great, and the activities were a lot of fun...It was a good experience for all our youth.
Provo 4th Ward, Spring 2011

"[The] accommodations were great and very appropriate to our needs. Never heard a single complaint! [The staff were] very friendly and very efficient! We absolutely loved our time there. Everyone had a great time! Thank you for making it so easy!"
South Jordan 7th Ward, Winter 2011

"The meals are always excellent. We never have to wait. They even accommodated some of our picky eaters with a peanut butter & jam sandwich. Thank you for everything. We had a great time and enjoyed the facility very much."
Lake Shore 2nd Ward, Winter 2011

"The meals were always ready and waiting. The food was good and the young men appreciated that there was lots available! The staff...were always available to help with questions and concerns, as well as to provide instruction when necessary. Thank you for providing a wonderful environment for our youth conference. We hope to use your facilities again in the future."
Snow Springs Ward, Winter 2011

2010 Guest Comments

"The food was excellent! We are very happy with our [Aspen Grove] experience, and I have passed this on to several other Bishops. It is obvious that you have done this for a while, it certainly showed in how seamless it all ran. All of the leaders in our group were so impressed and even stated that this was the best youth conference they had ever attended. You made the bishop look good!"
Provo Peak 11th Ward, Spring 2010

"The overnight accommodations and conference room setups were great. Everybody had a place to sleep and the rooms were clean and in good repair. This is the second time our ward has done a youth conference at Aspen Grove, and we definitely hope to come again. The facilities are fantastic and the setting provides a wonderful atmosphere for our youth and leaders to bond and have a spiritually uplifting experience."
Riverview 5th Ward, Spring 2010

"[The] conference room was nearly perfect especially with the view. The staff was incredible (very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly). Our youth want to come back again! Great job!!!"
Aspen Meadows 1st Ward, Spring 2010

"[It] was so nice to not have to take family's precious summer time. Our youth loved it. Having the tour and meeting with the other wards was perfect."
East Ridge 3rd Ward, Spring 2010

"We had a wonderful time. We had never been [to Aspen Grove] before and the youth are all glad they made the effort to come...Our Bishop said he would like to make [it] a tradition...The winter experience was a great change and will free up our summer months."
Layton 18th Ward, Winter 2010

"Trying to carry out a winter youth conference for 90 plus youth and leaders is very difficult. The staff, accommodations, and process at Aspen Grove remove these difficulties. Aspen Grove allows our leadership to just focus on providing a spiritual and uplifting conference.
Grove Creek 8th Ward, Winter 2010

"We felt that [Aspen Grove is] a youth conference venue that needs to be used more. We enjoyed everything about it.
Lindon 2nd Ward, Spring 2009

"Overall we were very pleased with our stay! The youth really enjoyed getting away from everyday life for a few days and it was a joy to be able to stay in such a beautiful location!"
Lochlomond Ward, Winter 2009