Dining Services

Your dining needs will be met through our Aspen Grove food service program. Conferences, special luncheons, and large banquets will be handled with efficiency and professional care.

Because of the possibility of unsafe temperatures from transporting food home, we do not allow food to be taken off the premises. This policy is in adherence to the Board of Health's concern with food borne illnesses.

Buffets available for groups of 25 or more.
Prices subject to change.


Begin your day with the Primrose Continental Breakfast or the Timpanogos Classic Breakfast Buffet. We also provide a variety of pastry trays and bagels.
Breakfast Menu

Plated Luncheon
Take a quick break for lunch, and enjoy one of our many plated lunch specialties. These plated luncheons are perfect for small groups of 80 or less. Choose from a wide variety of delicious luncheon entrées.
Plated Luncheon Menu
Luncheon Buffet
The Luncheon Buffet is designed to feed groups of 25 or more. This buffet includes your choice of a luncheon entrée served with a variety of side dishes, bakery fresh bread or chips, and a beverage.
Luncheon Buffet Menu


Plated Dinners
We offer a wide variety of plated dinners designed to accommodate groups of 80 or less. Your plated dinner will include your selected entrée, our house or Caesar salad, seasonal steamed vegetables, freshly baked rolls with butter, and lemonade.
Plated Dinner Menu


Dinner Buffets
Our dinner buffets are a wonderful way to dine for groups larger than 25. Whether you are in the mood for Italian, Mexican, or a more traditional Western buffet, Aspen Grove will provide you and your group excellent service.
Dinner Buffet Menu


To complement your meal, choose from a wide assortment of our delightful desserts including Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae, Fresh Fruit Tart, or Apple Carmelita.
Dessert Menu

Refreshment breaks are served in your conference room and include your choice of beverages and other fine refreshments.
Break Menu