Michigan White Bean Soup

2 quarts (10 servings)


White Beans 1#
Bay leaves 2 leaves
Chicken base ¼ cup
Water 1 quart
Ham base 2 T
Salt & Pepper as needed
Bacon, sliced cross cut 3 slices
Carrots, sliced 1 each
Celery, sliced 1 each
Onions, medium dice ½ small onion
Corn starch slurry as needed


Simmer beans slowly for an hour in water with chicken & ham base and bay leave, after the hour has passed and beans soften, add Bacon to a separate pan and render the fat, add carrots, celery, and onions until onions are translucent, add to beans season with salt and pepper and simmer for 20 minutes. Puree slightly with blender, or food processor and adjust consistency with corn starch slurry as needed.