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Thank you for your interest in working at BYU Aspen Grove. BYU Aspen Grove fills over 70 positions for summer programs, and hires support staff year round.

Summer Jobs

In the summer, we fill over 70 positions for young adults to live and work at Aspen Grove while they help us run all aspects of our summer program, Aspen Grove Family Camp. Any college aged or graduating high school senior can apply for positions including: program counselors, arts and crafts, swimming pool, ropes course, store, food service, maintenance, custodial, and the office.

Please read the general information found below before applying.

The deadline for summer applications is Friday, February 23 at 5:00pm

Summer Staff Application  General Information

Points to consider for employment:

  1. Priority is given to currently enrolled BYU Provo students who will be attending Fall Semester 2018 or those accepted to BYU Provo for Fall Semester 2018.
  2. If you are not a BYU Provo student, before a job offer could be considered, an ecclesiastical clearance will be obtained from your bishop to determine your eligibility to work.
  3. If offered a job, you will be asked to commit to employment at Aspen Grove for the entire summer (May 22nd to September 1st) without extended time off. The regular day off is generally Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. Please consider conflicts you might have with meeting this required camp schedule.
  4. Salaries begin at $1,100 per month plus free room and board.

Working at Aspen Grove is a very rewarding job. It requires much hard work, a positive attitude, and a fun personality. Staff members enjoy a unique experience as they both work and live on site in a camp setting. The work week begins Saturday afternoon and ends Friday afternoon. Daytime work hours will vary according to the job, and some evening work is required. Staff will not only become close with one another, but they will also develop great relationships with the campers from week to week.

Employment Duration
May Crew April 30 - September 1, 2018
All Staff May 22 - September 1, 2018

Responsibilities of all staff:

  1. Live by the BYU Honor Code.
  2. Work in a variety of areas which may include custodial, work projects, and programs:
    1. Custodial responsibilities: cleaning restrooms, cabins and other facilities in preparation for the new guests' arrival eachweek as well as distributing bedding and cribs, and maintaining the appearance of camp.
    2. Work project responsibilities: painting, raking digging, sweeping, mowing, etc.
    3. Program responsibilities: attend and participate in the opening and closing shows.
  3. Most staff members will be assigned specific standby duties on particular days or evenings each week.
  4. Sunday work is required of all staff. You will work from two to six hours depending upon your area of employment.

Working at Aspen Grove requires a big commitment and the ability to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of families. For many staff, the chance to associate with the over 80 other staff is a highlight of their camp experience. Activities during the summer give staff a chance to get to know each other better and form lasting friendships.

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