Family Camp Activities

With a wide variety of activities available for both families and individuals, there is something for everybody at Aspen Grove.
We provide programs for all ages, and our past guests would tell you Aspen Grove activities are fun for the whole family!

Ropes CourseRopes Course

Those looking for adventure will find it while participating in the Aspen Grove ropes course! Our staff will direct you as you climb thirty feet into the air to engage in our high ropes challenge course. Located amidst towering pines and a nearby stream, the ropes course consists of both high and low course events as well as initiative games. These are excellent activities for the entire family, enabling families to strengthen bonds of trust and camaraderie. Older age groups will spend a day on the course, and families will be able to participate together at other times. Guests must be 11 years or older to utilize the high ropes course.

Arts & CraftsRopes Course

Aspen Grove's arts and crafts area offers a cool place to relax while you paint bisque ceramics, work on the pottery wheel, woodturn pens, and do leatherwork. The pottery bridge is located directly over the stream, a beautiful and serene setting to learn and create. Our staff teach workshops about various mediums, and the arts and crafts program features projects for every age group and skill level. Older age groups will spend time together in arts and crafts, and families are welcome to work on projects together. Most projects range in price from $1 to $20, although some projects may be higher in price.

Swimming Pool

Come enjoy some time with your family in Aspen Grove's swimming pool! The heated pool offers a fantastic view of Mount Timpanogos and the surrounding canyon. Activities in the pool include early morning lap swims, scheduled swim time for age groups, free swim time for adults and families, and Water Frolics. Water Frolics is a family event held on Thursday afternoon consisting of races and relays even nonswimmers can win. Prizes are awarded at the Closing Show later that evening. Aspen Grove also has an adjacent smaller pool for babies and toddlers.

Sports Activities

Aspen Grove provides plenty of opportunities for sports enthusiasts. You can play just for fun, or sign up for one of our tournaments and compete against other guests. Tournaments are available for both family teams and individuals. Aspen Grove guests enjoy playing tennis, basketball, wallyball, horseshoes, ping-pong, shuffleboard, hi-ball, racquetball, badminton, volleyball, miniature golf, Frisbee golf, and softball. Equipment for these activities is available at no charge, and is located on the courts. You are also welcome to bring your own equipment. Sports facilities are available on a first-come first-served basis.


Stewart Falls: This hike takes you into beautiful aspen and fern-covered groves. The falls are breathtaking and produce a fine cool mist, refreshing exerted trekkers. These falls are located above Sundance Ski Resort, about two miles from Aspen Grove. There are a few fairly steep slopes on the hike, but the effort is very rewarding. Please do not attempt to climb the rock formations around the falls, as the rock is slippery and crumbles easily. Keep your eyes open for wildlife that frequent the area. The hike is four miles round-trip and takes approximately one and a half hours to complete.

Mt. Timpanogos: This hike ascends to an elevation just short of 12,000 feet, requiring great effort. Due to snow, it is often only available in July and August. Only experienced hikers with proper hiking boots will enjoy this hike, as it is vigorous and fairly steep. Hikers will traverse natural terrain, which may pose a threat to the hiker's safety. The trail passes by springs, waterfalls, streams, snowfields, Emerald Lake, and a large glacier offering a pilot's view of Utah Valley. Hikers should stay on the trail and observe all rules posted by the U. S. Forest Service. Most children under 12 and adults who are not in good physical condition should not plan on reaching the top. The hike is fifteen miles round-trip and takes most of the day. View Photos


The Aspen Grove Store provides a fun gathering place for families. BYU ice cream, soft drinks, candies, and other snacks can be purchased in the store, as well as some personal sundry items. Be sure to visit the store and check out our stock of Aspen Grove clothing and memorabilia! You can set up in-store credit upon your arrival for yourself or your family so you won't have to carry any cash or cards. Your family can also check out a variety of board games from our store. If your children plan on fishing in our fishpond, you can grab a fishing pole at the camp store.


The Aspen Grove fishpond is stocked with fish, providing children an opportunity to catch a fine rainbow trout. The fishpond is for those 12 years and younger, and parental supervision is required. Our fishing season runs from Monday at 7:30 a.m. through Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The fishpond is catch and release. Fishing poles may be checked out at the camp store for up to 2 hours.