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Summer 2014 Guest Comments

Continually amazed at the variety and quality of activities offered here! And what a magnificent setting!
Wood Family, ID, Mini Camp August 27-30
This was an experience that exceeded all my expectations.
Paul Family, UT, August 16-22
Our family (grandparents to grandchildren) has been on a Disney Cruise, and this was FAR better!
Ely Family, GA, August 9-15
Best place ever for a family vacation! Entertainment for everyone in a beautiful safe environment. What could be better?
Larson Family, NV, August 9-15
Everything was fantastic! We love the Spriit here! We love the mountains and the family familiar atmosphere and the amazing staff. Thank you so much!
Anderson Family, AK, August 2-8
I was so impressed with the camp counselors. What amazing young men and women! I was very happy, especially, with the Rompers caregivers. They were amazing with our 2 month old and that is saying something!
Gulbrandsen Family, UT, July 26-August 1
The food was the best ever. The staff was professional, courteous, and engaging. Where could a family get the experience we get at Aspen Grove? Nowhere else!
Lane Family, Carlsbad, CA, July 26-August 1
Unbelievable experience! Loved my 1st time to Aspen Grove! Highly recommend it! The activities were so awesome! [My son] said this was the best experience of his life!
Baltzer Family, Huntington Beach, CA, July 19-25
We love Aspen Grove with all our hearts. We have been coming for 30 years, and the kids still look forward to every visit!
Boyce Family, Mountain View, CA, July 12-18
Where else can the whole family play in a safe, carefree environment with new friends, attentive staff, and well organized activities? What a great value!
Lambert Family, Salt Lake City, UT, July 5-11
This is EFY for the whole family!! My kids love the interaction with strong LDS kids and counselors for the week.
Foote Family, Sunnyvale, TX, June 28-July 4
A quick poll of the grandkids indicated they would rather go to Aspen Grove than DisneyWorld!
Crane Family, Colorado, California, Arizona, and New Jersey, June 28-July 4
We love Aspen Grove...even more than Disneyland! The family atmosphere is great. You can never be bored.
Anonymous, June 21-27
Great family vacation! We received better service here than we do at many 4-star hotels. Excellent value for the money!
Pulver Family, Mesa, AZ, June 14-20
We loved coming here for a vacation that actually helped us relax! We have already booked for next year.
Bytheway Family, Utah, June 14-20
This was a wonderful family experience for our entire family. We had 5 generations in camp and it was great for everyone!
Stokes Family, Mini Camp June 3-6
The Aspen Grove experience helped my children realize there are other things to do besides electronics. It helped them to get along and help and support each other.
Richards Family, Utah, Mini Camp May 28-June 1
Coming to camp was the best vacation we have ever had. We loved the beautiful mountains, trees, friendly staff, and fun family-focused atmosphere.
Carr Family, Baton Rouge, LA, Mini Camp May 28-June 1
Our eleven year old said the whole experience was better than Disneyland. I agree!
Gilbert Family, Logan, UT, Mini Camp May 23-26
Great weekend of outdoor fun for ALL ages and ALL interests.
Baros Family, Draper, UT, Mini Camp May 23-26

Summer 2013 Guest Comments

"This was our second time here. I suspect we'll be back every year for a long time. My son calls this place his dream land."
Sorenson Family, Orem, UT, August 10-16

"It could not have been better. I feel like I don't need to die and go to heaven. I've been here!!"
Evans Family, Katy, TX, August 10-16

"From the smile that greeted us to the final moments looking up at the mountains, I enjoyed every minute of the time here."
Evans Family, Lebanon, OR, August 10-16

"We had a wonderful time. My kids say Aspen Grove is more fun than Disneyworld! Can't wait to return."
Kennington Family, Sugar Land, TX, August 3-9

"My kids said it was the best week of their life!"
Avarell Family, Barstow, CA, July 27-August 2

"This is our home away from home...There is no place on earth like this, where I can send my kids to hike with strangers and not worry. The age group leaders are outstanding in their caring for our children. This is a true vacation for a mom!"
Laird Family, Orem, UT, July 20-26

"In a society where the media plays front-stage, it is truly renewing to step away for a week- just to breathe, laugh, and relax as a family."
Anonymous, July 13-19

"Honestly, I was skeptical at first that a church oriented vacation was for us. But we found that our family time was more uplifting & we made deeper relationships & memories. Thanks for a wonderful vacation!"
Anonymous, July 6-12

"Aspen Grove is an outstanding choice for families who want an outdoor summer adventure!"
Brandon Mull, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of FableHaven & Beyonders, July 6-12

"The surroundings are stunning, the activities are perfect for families--probably because they have 50 years of experience and ideas!"
Duerichen Family, Spring, TX, July 6-12

"I could tell that over the 50 years of Aspen Grove camps you have perfected everything, from the activities to the food. We really enjoyed our time here SO much!"
Olson Family, Spring, TX, July 6-12

"Every year it's better than the last--I don't know how you can top it each time, but you do."
Black Family, Provo, UT, June 22-28

"I came here as a 16 year old in 1977. Never forgot the experience. Always wanted to return. 36 years leater, it was everything I remembered and more!"
Hurst Family, Omaha, NE, June 8-14

"Our family has been here 3 times. We have enjoyed Aspen Grove and we would love to come here every year. We are never bored and there is something to do for everyone!!"
Graham Family, Thorton, CO, June 8-14

"Your staff beat Disney at all categories!"
Anderson Family, June 8-14

"I've been coming to Aspen Grove since I was eight years old and I think it gets better and better every year! Thanks for all you do to make my family's experience great!"
Carling Family, Queen Creek, AZ, Mini Camp June 4-7

"Everything was wonderful and all 51 of our family's children and teenagers really enjoyed the experience. Well done!"
Russell Family, UT, NV, & AZ, Mini Camp June 4-7

"We started coming in 2004 when our 4 kids were ages 12-19. Now we're bringing the grandkids--great fun! We're so thankful to have a place like this to come. It's truly unique--a small piece of the City of Enoch!"
Blackham Family, Orem, UT, Mini Camp June 4-7

"[Aspen Grove] has been really great! I especially like that there are no TVs and we spend quality time together."
Jepperson Family, Lehi, UT, Mini Camp May 30-June 2

"It was great fun for all my children ages 5-20! It was a wonderful opportunity for them to do wholesome activities in a safe, beautiful environment."
Cook Family, Orem, UT, Mini Camp May 30-June 2

"We had such a great time! My children loved their groups and we, the adults, had so much fun at our activities."
Brijs Family, Orem, UT, Mini Camp May 30-June 2

"The peace & tranquility along with caring staff and exciting yet relaxing activities created a fantastic vacation full of great memories. I especially enjoyed watching my little boy having the time of his life even at only a year and a half old. Thank you so much for all you do!"
Mills Family, Provo, UT, Mini Camp May 24-27

Comments from Previous Summers

"I feel like Cinderella who has to leave the palace and go back to the ashes. You exceeded my hopes and dreams of this place. Our children young and old loved it. Your counselors were AMAZING with the kids. They all had a great time." Silvers Family, Dallas, OR, August 11-17 "Best family vacation ever! We'd choose this over our Disneyland, Hawaii, and Lake Tahoe trips anytime. No cooking or cleaning for Mom, and kids were well-entertained. We loved how the whole family could be involved and included in the activities and everything was family-friendly and inclusive. I don't know why we haven't come before. We will be back." Allen Family "Heaven must be like Aspen Grove: beautiful scenery surrounded by family! Best week of the year!" Clark family

"There is a spirit [at Aspen Grove] that binds people and families. It is also wonderful to meet so many new friends."
Seamons family

"Thank you for the extra care you gave our family because of [our grandson] with cancer. You ALL were so wonderful! We were all worried...but you made it such an amazing week!"
Meacham family

"We love Aspen Grove, and even with all the changes/additions over the years, the spirit remains the same. Thank you for providing such a beautiful, happy place for us to now bring our children to make many more years of wonderful memories!"
Fecke family

"This was my first time attending, and it was an extremely wonderful experience. When I realized it was over, it was hard to leave...I will definitely be back!"
Hatch family

"[The staff] were very good with our daughter who has Down Syndrome. Thank you!"
Gardner family

"I love that Aspen Grove is a true vacation for everyone! Moms don't have to work! What an amazing place in the beauty of the mountains."

"Thanks for keeping my teen and young adult entertained, they both had a blast!"
Esplin family

"Thank you all for another home run at Aspen Grove! We had all of our children and grandchildren...and all loved it!"
Cook family

"My daughter and grandkids say [Aspen Grove] is better than Disneyland."
Ward family

"So wonderful! [Aspen Grove] reminded me of the exceptional experience I had at BYU. I loved sharing that feeling with my children. Taking care of all of my children (age 2-13) allowed me to relax and enjoy the full experience. You fulfilled your staff mission of extraordinary service."
Squires family

"This was my first time to Aspen Grove. We were excited to come and the facilities exceeded our expectations. What a beautiful and well-run place to spend a family reunion."

"This is our favorite place. We are so grateful to Aspen Grove and the amazing people who help our family grow closer together EVERY TIME we come here. Thank you!"
Crane family

"The staff...has been a great example to my son, who prefers Aspen Grove to EFY!"

"What an amazing week for our family. It's like taking my family back to the best of BYU."
Hill family

"[Aspen Grove] is a very clean environment that is Christ and family-centered. A nice change!"
Martini family

"There is really no better place to hold a reunion than Aspen Grove."
Stephenson family

"Thank you for providing such an absolutely wonderful and incredible place for families to enjoy each other, nature, and life! This is without a doubt the best place for family reunions. Nothing else comes close by comparison!"
Cope family

"With two sons with special needs and a typically developing four year old, finding a family vacation that we can all enjoy is a challenge--Aspen Grove is the perfect solution. Our whole family loved it. Our four year old and I both cried when it was time to leave. Our other boys both felt like celebrities as all the staff members and most of the guests knew them by name by the week's end. Thank you for providing our family with a bit of heaven on earth."
Jones family

"We have about 100 people in our family and we have reunions every two years. Everyone in our family still talks about how much fun [Aspen Grove] was. By FAR the best reunion we've had."

"I just wanted to let anyone who is thinking about going to Aspen Grove for a family vacation know that it is a great idea. It was such a great experience for all of [our family]. We have three children ages 9, 8, and 3 and their counselors were all wonderful people. They set such a great example for not only the kids but for the parents too. They made me want to be more patient and kind to my children. For that matter everyone there is always ready with a smile and a kind hello. Leaving the camp is the worst part. We miss it terribly and will definitely be going back again. It will be a very uplifting and memorable experience if you decide to go."
Giesea family

"We...had a wonderful time at Aspen Grove with our family and close friends. The staff was so friendly and helpful and the counselors were fun, energetic and genuinely kind and caring. They made each child feel important. Placed in a peaceful and safe setting surrounded by family and true friends and people exhibiting kindness and consideration for others truly gave us a glimpse of what heaven might feel like. Unlike some other vacations, I came home from Aspen Grove feeling relaxed and happy and with renewed energy as I returned to my responsibilities at home. Aspen Grove is our family's favorite vacation spot."
Kirk family

"It was nice to feel like we all had a vacation we enjoyed. Time with and without the kids was great."
Dennis family

"Everything was great. My kids like this place as much as Disneyland!"
Gee family

"Our family absolutely LOVED [Aspen Grove]! They all say they were never bored, the counselors were fun and happy and the food and available games and store just made it fun for all. A LITTLE TASTE OF HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Call family

"My family throughly enjoyed the experience we had at Aspen Grove. The group leaders for the children were wonderful and everyone was very cheerful and I feel went over and above there job to make the week wonderful for everyone. Thank you for all of the planning and preparation you do to make the experience such a memorable one. Also the...[guest] lectures were well worth it. It has helped the family tremendously...Thank you again and again and again."
McMaster family