Aspen Grove Youth Conference

Youth Conferences are held in the Winter, Spring, and Fall, with the bulk of conferences being held in the Winter and Spring. Check available dates and book your conference today! You can make a reservation approximately one year in advance. To make a reservation, please call (801) 225-9554.

Both youth and leaders pay the same amount to attend Youth Conference. One-night conferences are $49 per person, and two-night conferences are $77 per person. The price includes your meals, a meeting room for your ward/stake, overnight lodging, and some recreational amenities.

Both youth and leaders should be included in your headcount. Individuals staying for only part of the youth conference should be included in the final headcount. Aspen Grove does not pro-rate Youth Conference fees.

Call our office, (801) 225-9554, with the following information in order to book:

After you book, please be aware of the following: