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Family Camp 2024 Pricing & Availability

Family Camp 2024 | Reservations now open

We can't wait for your visit!

There are a few things we want to be sure you know as you begin your reservation. Please take time to be familiar with pricing and availability before you begin making a reservation. Family Camp reservations are grouped by immediate family members in a household, with a reunion name connecting households who are attending together as a group.

What You Need:

In order for us to run programs, provide meals, and bill correctly for your stay, please gather week preferences, lodging preferences, names, birthdates, and special needs/allergies for each family member attending, and contact information (phone, email, address) for EACH HOUSEHOLD. A non-refundable $100 deposit per household is required to secure your reservation.

Cost to Attend

Family Camp pricing is based on the age of each participant, and the session a reunion would like to attend. The regular rates listed below apply to most of the weeks of camp. Certain sessions, indicated below with a double asterisk (**), are automatically discounted approx 10%. The per-person rate includes programs and activities, meals, and lodging. Families select preferred lodging based on weekly availability. If a family prefers lodging where they don't meet the minimum occupancy, an occupancy fee will be applied.

Adults age 19 & older

Teens age 12-18

Children age 9-11

Children age 5-8

Children age 3-4

Infants age 0-2



Full Week Rates








Mini Camp Rates








Occupancy Fees

The per-person rate for a registered guest is designed to include a space to sleep (bed, mat, or crib) for that registered guest. Aspen Grove has several types of lodging designed to accommodate a variety of family sizes. Each type of accommodation has a minimum and maximum occupancy. There are many reasons a registered household may request lodging where the number of registered guests doesn't meet the minimum occupancy. Aspen Grove is happy to make these accommodations based on availability.

Occupancy fees represent an opportunity for registered guests to request space for their comfort outside of what's included in your per-person rate. The fee is a low average of the per person rates, and is charged for each person shy of the minimum occupancy. This allows guests to enjoy preferred lodging while compensating Aspen Grove appropriately.

The table below includes minimum and maximum occupancy for each lodging type.

Lodging Type

Minimum Occupancy

Maximum Occupancy

Aspen Lodge



Beckham Lodge Large



Beckham Lodge Small



Family Lodge



Alumni Board Cabin



Dates for Camp

There are two types of Family Camp sessions. Most of the summer is made up of full week sessions. Guests check-in on Saturday afternoon and checkout the following Friday. Mini week sessions are typically four days instead of a week, but include all of the favorite highlights of camp. Select full and mini week sessions, indicated below with a double asterisk (**), are automatically discounted approximately 10%.

Full Weeks:

Check-in on Saturday 3:00-5:00 PM, and check out by 10:00 AM the following Friday




**Week 1: June 1-7**

Week 5: June 29-July 5

Week 9: July 27 - August 2

Week 2: June 8-14

Week 6: July 6-12

Week 10: August 3-9

Week 3: June 15-21

Week 7: July 13-19

**Week 11: August 10-16**

Week 4: June 22 - June 28

Week 8: July 20-26

Mini Weeks:

May 24-27 | Check-in: Friday 3:00-5:00 PM, Checkout: Monday by 4:00 PM

**May 28-31 | Check-in: Tuesday 1:00-2:30 PM, Checkout Friday by 10:00 AM**

**August 17-20 | Check-in: Saturday 3:00-5:00 PM, Checkout Tuesday by 10:00 AM**

August 30-September 2 | Check-in: Friday 3:00- 5:00 PM, and Checkout Monday by 4:00 PM

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