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Questions on my Contract and Paycheck

When does my contract begin and when do I start work?

Contracts begin on the first day of a new pay period of when your effective start date will be. Your effective start date will be determined by your manager. Your contract date is not necessarily going to be the day you start work as different positions start at different times. The last day of work for summer staff is Saturday, September 1, 2018. This is the first day of a new pay period, so you will receive your last paycheck on September 19, 2018. See question "When Does the Pay Period End for Year 2018?" below for a schedule of pay periods.

Where should I look to see how much my paycheck is?

To view a Paycheck, go to the BYU Human Resources Homepage at and do the following:

  1. Login to your account by entering your Net ID and password.
  2. Go to "Self Service" under the "Main Menu" tab.
  3. Select "View Paycheck" under the "Payroll and Compensation" tab.
  4. On this page you can select and view a pdf of your paycheck.
What taxes are taken out when I work?

In addition to state and federal taxes, the FICA tax will be deducted from gross earnings, which is your pay before any type of tax is deducted. When a student is taking classes and working they are exempt from paying the FICA tax. Students working a summer job at Aspen Grove will not be enrolled in school and will have the FICA tax along with federal and state taxes automatically deducted from their pay, unless they are doing an internship.

What should I do if my bank account doesn't have the amount I think I should get paid?

If your bank account does not have the amount you think it should, you can view your paycheck at and by following the steps under the question "Where should I look to see how much my paycheck is?" above. From here you will be able to see how much you earned, the taxes that were taken out of your paycheck, and the amount that was put into your bank account. If the amount in your account does not match your paycheck, contact your bank. Your money may have been put into a savings account, not checking. You are welcome to contact Jared Knight at Aspen Grove for assistance. (801) 361-8312 or

Should I compare what I get paid to other staff at Aspen Grove?

Pay varies among staff based on job description and start dates.

When I have a question about my paycheck, who should I ask?

Your manager may have answers to basic paycheck questions but Jared Knight is available to answer employment questions. (801) 361-8312 or

Am I able to keep my job on-campus while I work the summer at Aspen Grove?

No, you are not able to work another job while employed at Aspen Grove as summer camp staff. Summer camp staff are on a contract during their employment and The Fair Labor Standards Act/University Policy prohibits students from working both an hourly job and a contracted position at the same time (this is for our summer camp positions). However, during the fall and winter seasons students can work two hourly positions concurrently as long as the combined amount is under 20 hours per week.

Are housing and meals deducted from my paycheck?

Housing and meals are NOT deducted out of your paycheck.