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Dining & Refreshments



Aspen Grove does all of the cooking and cleaning so you don't have to! Menus will be selected by Aspen Grove's Chef. Our culinary team provides excellent food service for Youth Conferences.

Meals will be served at set times. Please schedule your activities and workshops around these set times. Your punctuality is important, as we are trying to serve many youth.

Please notify our office of any food allergies at least two weeks prior to your youth conference. Our food service staff will do their best to accommodate your needs. Upon your arrival in camp, please encourage the individual(s) with food allergies to introduce themselves to our Chef. The Chef will assist those with dietary needs to ensure a positive experience. Individuals with severe or multiple food allergies may need to bring food to supplement what Aspen Grove provides.


Due to service contracts and health codes, Aspen Grove does not allow outside food or drink in conference rooms. We appreciate your cooperation, and try to show that by offering refreshments we can deliver to you in camp, and take care of the clean up after your snacks. Please use the Final Details Form to review prices and submit your refreshment order with the rest of your final details 2 weeks in advance. Refreshments may be delivered from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Final Details Form

Two weeks before your youth conference, you will submit a final details form and a copy of your schedule with a final payment. You can use the Final Details form to submit all of this information here. Please be aware final payment will be calculated on the actual headcount or the guaranteed count, whichever is greater. As you prepare your schedule, please note meal times and cross-country ski/snowshoe times (Winter only) are set by Aspen Grove. You will need to plan activities around those set times. We encourage you to plan noisy or interactive activities prior to dinner. You will be assigned a conference room adjacent to other wards/stakes for the duration of your conference. Many wards/stakes will plan quiet devotionals after dinner. If you are planning noisier activities after dinner, please be sensitive to other groups nearby. Please inform our office of any events that may be disruptive to other groups so we can more effectively collaborate ward/stake schedules at (801) 422-6000.